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Questions and answers

How do I start?

Whether you’ve never bowled before or you are an experienced player, go to the Contact Page and phone or email Beryl or Bob or our Secretary.    We’ll arrange for  you to come to the club at a time convenient to you, we’ll show you around and we’ll give you a chance to “have a taster”.   We schedule regular and relaxed chummy sessions and we also hold open days, when potential new members can come along, find out what we offer and again have a try.  On those days, and on an ongoing basis, our coaches and senior players will be very happy to explain the game and help new members, totally free of charge.  

Do I need any special kit?

All you will need to start is a pair of flat shoes.   The club provides all other equipment and will lend you a set of bowls (“woods”) to use.    In due course, if you join the club, you will need to buy your own woods (although it’s usually possible to find good quality second hand ones), and if you want to play in inter-club matches, you will need a club shirt.  

What about disabled bowlers?

Bowls is more about finesse than physical strength, which means that many people who are disabled in one way or another can not only derive a great deal of enjoyment from the game of bowls, but can achieve good levels of success.   In recent years a range of specialised equipment has been developed with the support of disabilitybowlsengland.    We are keen to encourage disabled and partially sighted bowlers and if you fall into this category, we will make every effort to provide special equipment to assist you.

What are the membership fees?

OBC does not levy a joining fee and the annual subscriptions are listed under the About Us Section.  As a potential playing member, you will have the opportunity to use the green for 30 days free of charge while you decide whether or not it’s a game for you.   If you join us, your membership fee will be pro-rated according to the stage of the season.   If you decide you would prefer to only play chummy or casual games and not inter-club matches, your fee will be half the regular fee.

Is there coaching available?

OBC has qualified coaches who will help you get started and explain the finer points of the game to you so that very soon you will be playing and understanding why we enjoy this sport so much.

What next

If you would like to join us (as we hope you do), please request and complete an application form and return it to the Secretary.   Upon joining, one of our long-standing members will offer to become your “buddy”.  Nothing odd here, this simply means that they will be ready to help you to find your feet and integrate into the club, and also deal with any questions you may have.  We want to do our best to make you feel at home as a valued member of OBC. 

Bowls Etiquette

As with many sports, bowls sets great store by its long-established playing etiquette based on  respect for one’s opponents.   All new members will receive a helpful small introductory booklet from the club which will include a guide on this subject.

Any other questions?

Please don’t be afraid to ask.   We’re here to help!