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Gail and Annie's Quiz

Just a reminder that Gail and Annie are running a quiz night on Saturday 28th January commencing 7pm.   Light refreshments served in the interval.  Cost £5pp.  This was a huge success last year and extremely enjoyable, so hope you will support it again this year.  Teams of up to 6 people, make up before or on the night..  Please email or ring me if you would like to join us.





Good afternoon everyone, belatedly I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year and an excellent season of bowling.  The outdoor season starts for us on 31st March, but before then there’s quite a lot happening at the club which I hope you will be keen to support and join in.  So I’ll deal with diary dates first.  It’s a bit of a long newsletter, but it’s too cold to venture out so sit back, get your diaries out and enjoy the read!

BUT FIRST - PLEASE NOTE THE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!  At last, I hear some of you shout.  Hopefully this should stop those annoying spam emails that many of you receive, supposedly from me but for some reason from someone who gets some enjoyment of hacking into my contacts list.  Also, after 10 years, I’ve finally got my new name on there!!

In just over a weeks’ time, on Saturday 28th January commencing 7pm, Gail and Annie are running a Quiz Night - £5pp including light refreshments at the half way point.  Last year’s was highly entertaining with a great variety of subjects.  We already have a good number signed up but still have room for more, so if you’d like to join us, please give me a ring (01572 821137), or drop me an email to get your name down.

Saturday Gang will start on 3rd March at 9am – more details will follow.

On Thursday 9th March, 12 for 12.30pm we will hold a BRING & SHARE BUFFET LUNCH.  This gives us all an opportunity, just before the season starts, to meet up and enjoy a delicious lunch, provided by ourselves.  A little nearer the date we will be asking who would like to come, and what dish they’d like to bring to share – don’t worry, suggestions will be made.  I do hope you’ll want to come along.

Tuesday 21st March at 2pm we are holding another Rules of the Game, Etiquette and Coaching tips afternoon, following the successful one we held at the end of last year.  This one we hope will be more hands on and practical.  So if you’ve got more questions or want to learn more about this wonderful game, then do join us.  As before we do hope that our more experienced members will also come along and share their expertise.  Keith Hart will be leading the afternoon, so if you’d like to come then drop me an email.

Opening Night – Friday 31st March at 7pm  President Graham will bowl the first wood on the green and the season will be up and running.

Saturday 20th May – Open Day  A Day when the club will hope to attract new members.

Wednesday 24th May – President’s Evening 7pm.  A social evening of fun and games to raise money for Graham’s President’s Day later in the year.  I hope it goes without saying that this evening will get your full support.

Saturday 10th June – A-Z Match

Sunday 11th June – Disability Bowls England County Pairs competition.

So those are all the dates we have booked into the diary so far, and of course more details will follow nearer the time.  The success of them all obviously depends on your support.  I now move on to important Club matters.

FIXTURE SECRETARY – As Gail has resigned from this position, we urgently require someone to step in and take on this official role.  The Fixtures are of course all in place for this season, and procedures in place for arranging next year’s fixtures, but we do need someone with immediate effect.  Please get in touch with any member of the Executive Committee if you are interested and would like more information.  Thanks go to Gail for stepping into this role last year and ensuring we have a full fixture list for the coming season.

TREASURER – Paul has advised he will be stepping down as Club Treasurer at the end of the year.  The Club is indebted to the incredibly efficient way that Paul has been running our finances for the past few years, and we will miss his expertise.  This role is of paramount importance for without a Treasurer the Club is not sustainable.  I would point out it is not necessary to be a full member to be Club Treasurer.  Anyone who feels able to take on this important role, would of course be given lots of help from Paul in the hand over, and it would be good if someone stepped up soon so that they could shadow Paul throughout the year. If you’d like any information on what the job entails, then give Paul a ring (07960 902756) and he will be happy to talk to you.

Teas and Catering – This is not a full-time catering position so don’t be put off,  but we need someone, or maybe two people, to be in charge of organising teams to provide meals and refreshments when required, i.e. President’s Day and the A-Z match.  And of course one of the important tasks is to organise the Tea Rota for the after-match teas.  Please give me a ring (01572 821137) if this is something you think you can help with, and I can explain in more detail.

Dropping through your letter box soon will be the Subscription Renewal Forms.  Just to clarify, Full Members can pay in two instalments if they wish, the first payment of £55 by 31st January and the remaining £50 by 31st March.   All other membership categories are required to be paid in full please, preferably by the end of January, but if that is not possible then a firm indication of intent to join would be appreciated, so that your name can be included on the fixture cards, which will be printed before opening night.

Tara Kelly is now our Club House Manager and is responsible for all things related to the upkeep of the Club House.  If you come across anything that needs attention then please get in touch with Tara at [email protected]

The Christmas Card Charity Appeal run by Alan was extremely successful and raised a wonderful £480 pounds thanks to your generosity.  The amount raised will be split between the Air Ambulance and EMICS both of whom serve the county of Rutland so well.  Ours thanks go to Alan for organising this on behalf of the club.

This year why don’t you consider getting more involved in the day to day running of the Club?  We certainly need some new ideas and fresh thinking.  OBC is in a really healthy position at the moment, and has a strong number of members, but will only continue to flourish with your help.

Keep warm everyone, hope to see you at the quiz on the 28th January.