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Booking a Rink

ALL RINKS ARE AVAILABLE TO USE - you can now book a rink at any time with the exception of block bookings which are Stamford League, Club Triples and Chummy games also Mowing this takes place Monday and Thursday mornings and is finished by 11am (please check the calendar). 
To book a rink fill in the form below or alternatively ring Bob Spence on 07835 469088.

The Club House and other Facilities

Toilets and Changing Room facilities are now available. Please remember masks are required to be worn at all times.


The only pieces of equipment to be used are;

4 mats per rink, 2 for each team to be used

2 jacks per rink, 1 for each team to be used

2 pushers

1 scoreboard

These will be left outside of the store and are to be disinfected both before and after playing.

Only one person should use the pushers and ensure full disinfection at the start and end of use.

Only one person should use the scoreboard and ensure full disinfection at the start and end of use.

A first Aid box is available in the club house and can be accessed in an emergency.

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be available by the outside tap.


Arrive at the Club dressed ready to play including if possible, in your bowls shoes, the changing rooms can now be used masked must be worn.

If the gate is locked wear gloves to open it.

Wash or sanitise your hands and sanitise any equipment (including bowls, pushers, scoreboard, jacks and mats) you use before and after you play – do not assume that the persons before you have sanitised the equipment thoroughly.

Only one person on each side should touch the jacks and mats, and be aware that contact with another person’s bowls has the potential to spread the virus.

Do not lick your fingers or rub your face without sanitizing your hands.

Do not shake hands during or on completion of playing, maintain social distancing.   

On Completion

When you finish playing leave the club immediately – ensuring that you have sanitised all equipment used.

Do not leave any rubbish at the Club take it home with you.

If you are the last to leave ensure the clubhouse is securely locked and lock the gate behind you.

In Brief

Only play if you feel well.

Arrive ready to bowl at your allocated time.

Record your presence at the club.

Ensure you disinfect your equipment before and after bowling.

Maintain good hygiene practices at all times.

Leave the Club on completion of your session.

If you are last to leave ensure the Clubhouse and external gate are locked.


Rink Booking Calendar

Book a rink

Please read above latest rules