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Oakham Bowls Club Update W.E. 28.5.23

On Thursday Oakham welcomed Birstall to the Vale to play  a triples match on five rinks over eighteen ends. Playing for Oakham was Peter Gleeson, a life member of OBC, who now lives in South Africa and is here on holiday.

Rink one for Oakham was skipped by Paul Murrant with Jenny Owen as lead and Bob Spence at two. After  a steady start to the game Oakham took control on the fifth end  and continued to build a substantial  lead. Over the remaining ends they restricted Birstall to adding just 4 shots to their total. Oakham winning the game holding 20 shots to Birstall’s 6.

Julie Healey led on rink three with Graham Scothern at two and Ian Wilkinson was the Skip. This was another strong performance from the Oakham trio who controlled the game from the outset. They completed the eighteen ends having amassed 20 shots to Birstall’s 9.

Janet Horwood skipped rink four with Ray Wilkins as lead and Peter Gleeson at two. Oakham started the game steadily and after eight ends the teams were level with five shots each. Birstall then scored 9 shots from the next three ends which gave them a substantial lead. Unfortunately Oakham were only able to add five more shots to their total whilst Birstall continued to score heavily. The game finished with Oakham on 10 shots, Birstall on 29.

Rink five had Ros Carter as lead, Barrie Payne at two and Ray Gregory as Skip. This was a close game and at the halfway point the scores were level at 6 shots each. The next four end all went to Oakham  who acquired a 6 shot lead. Birstall won three of the remaining ends increasing their score by 6 shots  Oakham added just 2 more shots but this was enough to win the game with 14 shots to Birstall’s 12.

Oakham’s Captain skipped on rink six with bob Swarbrick as lead and Anne Preston- Bambridge at two. After a close game over the first few ends  Birstall gained the lead and by the eighth end were 8 shots ahead. A fightback by Oakham found them, after fifteen ends, holding 15 Shots to Birstall’s 14. Sadly the home team were unable to add further to their total  whilst Birstall won the last three ends adding 4 more shots and winning the tie by 3 shots. Oakham  15 shots,  Birstall 18 shots.

Overall, the match  was a very close one with Oakham winning on three of the five rinks and  the match  with 79 shots to Birstall’s 74.

Evington Park on a warm and sunny afternoon .was the venue for the Saturday teams match, a three wood triples played  on three rinks.

Rink two for Oakham was skipped by Janet Horwood with Brian Rolfe as lead and Anne Preston-Bambridge at two. This was a close game with the lead changing hands several times. With four ends to play Oakham were on 12 shots, Evington on 10. Unfortunately for the visitors the remaining  ends were all  won by their hosts with the final tally seeing  Oakham with12 shots, Evington with  17

Jenny Owen was the lead on rink three with Lyn Scott at two and Alan Jones as Skip. This was a somewhat one sided game with Oakham on the wrong side. They did not score a shot until the sixth end and then  only managed to win four more ends. The game ended with Oakham holding 9 shots, Evington 28.

Eddie Owen skipped on rink four with Julie Healey as lead and Derek Harper at two.  Oakham  found themselves facing a very strong Evington team and did well to be only one shot behind after six ends. Evington won the next three ends adding 8 shots to their score. Over the remaining ends the visitors were only able to score  6 more shots, the game ending with Oakham on 10 shots, Evington on 20

The match, which was played on a good green, ended with a convincing win for Evington with Oakham on 31 shots, Evington Park on 65

The Wednesday chummy was very pleased to welcome yet another six new bowlers from the Open Day.  Beryl Birch and Keith Hart gave them two hours of coaching whilst 18 regular players played triples. Ian Wilkinson emerged as the winner but, Gentleman as he is, he donated his prize to the runner up, Charlotte Pennington. On Sunday’s chummy  three of the new bowlers felt confident enough, after their Wednesday coaching session, to join in. They all acquitted themselves well achieving shot on some ends. The worthy winner on eighteen points was Fiona Kolkowski.


 History of the OK TROPHY 

The 'OK Trophy' was born in 2003.

As Fixtures Secretary I had already instigated 4 annual fixtures with Keyworth - Home and Away on Thursdays and Saturdays.

We had a very friendly and competitive relationship and, as it was my Presidents year, I thought it would add spice to the Fixtures if we had something to play for.

I had built up a good rapport with the Keyworth President - John Cowley - who sadly is no longer with us, and it was decided between the 2 of us to inaugurate a Trophy to play for.

It was decided that a cut glass vase would be appropriate and the 'OK TROPHY' was born, paid for 50/50 by the 2 Clubs.

These Fixtures became extremely popular and very keenly contested.

This year would have been the 20th year the 'Trophy' would have been played for - if Covid hadn't intervened and taken away the Fixtures in 2020 and 2021.

For 15 years things went along smoothly with Oakham leading 9 - 6 inthe matches.

Unfortunately in 2018 Keyworth decided to drop the Thursday fixtures as they clashed with their Nottingham League commitments.

This was a great shame with us now playing only in the 2 Saturday fixtures in our last 3  years of competition.

In the 3 years when we have only played 2 matches per season Oakham have won twice and Keyworth once making the current score for the 18 years of matches 11 - 7 to Oakham 

However the competition for the 'Trophy' remains strong,and hard fought over, as shown this year with Oakham winning by the narrow margin of 16 shots.  

Long may the OK Trophy continue to flourish.

Here are the results from the start: 

4 matches per season

2003  Oakham       +52 shots

2004  Keyworth     +50    "

2005  Keyworth      +22   "

2006  Oakham       +29    "  

2007  Oakham       +122  "

2008  Keyworth      +18    "

2009  Keyworth      +43    "

2010  Oakham        +16   "

2011  Keyworth       +26   "

2012  Keyworth       +13   "

2013  Oakham        +12   "

2014  Oakham        +47   "

2015  Oakham        +19   "

2016  Oakham        +39   "

2017  Oakham        +117  "

2 matches per season2

2018   Keyworth     +29  shots

2019   Oakham       +16    "

2020   Not played - Covid

2021         "                "

2022    Oakham      +16    shots


Chris Wallis

Friendly Fixtures Survey 

Thank you for the excellent response to Alan’s recent survey concerning Friendly fixtures.  Not quite 100% response, but very close.  The answers have all be collated now and were discussed at last week’s Executive Committee meeting.  We plan to have a Members’ meeting at the end of August when the bowling diary is less congested, to discuss our proposals.  But, in the meantime, these proposals are:

Thursday Mixed Interclub Friendly matches:  Keep as they are.  Advise opposition that we will be playing with mixed teams.

Saturday Mixed Interclub Friendly matches:  We will not cancel the remaining fixtures this year, and play as many as we can, if we can get a team.  Advise opposition that we will be playing with mixed teams.  For next season we propose to consider cutting down the fixtures and playing only those clubs we have a good relationship with.  Maybe only playing on a Saturday every 3 weeks or so.  However, there must be the opportunity for members to play on Saturdays if they wish.  Although only 9 members have committed to play on a Saturday on a regular basis.  This will then free up Saturdays for other things, e.g. playing of club comps.

Ladies’ Interclub Friendly matches:  We will not cancel the remaining fixtures and will see how it goes for next season.  Whether or not other clubs will in fact have enough ladies to play these matches remains to be seen.

Sunday Mixed Interclub Friendly matches:  There appears to be no problem getting a team for these fixtures.  They will stay as they are.

One other question you might like to consider before the August meeting.  Do you prefer to play in the daytime or in the evening?

Please do continue to put your names down for as many matches as you can.  Ladies, why not try the Thursday and Saturday games for a change?  I have thoroughly enjoyed my games this year.  They are friendly, competitive and fun.

Also, at the August meeting we will consider the dress code for next season.  Do we stick to Whites for our home matches or switch to Greys?