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President Janet opening the green for 2022 President Janet opening the green for 2022

Message from President Janet

I am delighted to be the New President for 2022 and, as is the tradition, sent the first wood onto the green on Friday 8th April to mark the start of the 2022 season. 

It was marvellous to see the clubhouse packed with members meeting up after the long winter break, even more so because we’ve been unable to get the season off this way for two years because of the pandemic.  I am looking forward to a full season of bowls with no nasty interruptions.  It was also a poignant moment for me  too as it was the 30th anniversary of my father’s death, John Scragg, a long-time member of the club and President in 1987.  I felt sure he was smiling down and enjoying the moment.

Thank you to all those who have been working hard to prepare the club for the new season, including Ray Gregory and  his Team for looking after the green through the winter, it is looking fantastic;    Ray Wilkins and everyone who kindly came down to work with the Saturday Gang, we really do appreciate your efforts and everywhere is looking very smart;    Rosemary Gregory and Sean Biollo for their work in the gardens, and Paul and Sue Murrant who have restored the club’s scoreboard which is now standing proud again.  The club would not be the same without this scoreboard.

I urge you all to play as many matches as they can, as OBC, like all the clubs in the area, are desperate to get back to the status quo, and this can only be done when we have full teams for the planned matches.  I would also encourage everyone to enter the Club Competitions and hope we will have a bumper entry this year.   I urge our newer members not to be nervous about entering, as competitions are the best way to learn and improve your bowls.  There have been many a surprising result out on the green and as they say ‘it’s all on the day’.

The online rink booking system will continue this year, and you will be able to nominate your rink this time.  Thank you to Bob Spence for his time and expertise in running the website.

Chummies this year will be Wednesday and Sunday mornings from 10am.  If you have any questions about these please contact Rosemary Gregory or Keith Hart. 

I am really looking forward to my presidential year.  I wish everyone a fantastic season and look forward to meeting you on the green.

Alan receiving the OK Trophy from Maurice Alan receiving the OK Trophy from Maurice

 History of the OK TROPHY 

The 'OK Trophy' was born in 2003.

As Fixtures Secretary I had already instigated 4 annual fixtures with Keyworth - Home and Away on Thursdays and Saturdays.

We had a very friendly and competitive relationship and, as it was my Presidents year, I thought it would add spice to the Fixtures if we had something to play for.

I had built up a good rapport with the Keyworth President - John Cowley - who sadly is no longer with us, and it was decided between the 2 of us to inaugurate a Trophy to play for.

It was decided that a cut glass vase would be appropriate and the 'OK TROPHY' was born, paid for 50/50 by the 2 Clubs.

These Fixtures became extremely popular and very keenly contested.

This year would have been the 20th year the 'Trophy' would have been played for - if Covid hadn't intervened and taken away the Fixtures in 2020 and 2021.

For 15 years things went along smoothly with Oakham leading 9 - 6 inthe matches.

Unfortunately in 2018 Keyworth decided to drop the Thursday fixtures as they clashed with their Nottingham League commitments.

This was a great shame with us now playing only in the 2 Saturday fixtures in our last 3  years of competition.

In the 3 years when we have only played 2 matches per season Oakham have won twice and Keyworth once making the current score for the 18 years of matches 11 - 7 to Oakham 

However the competition for the 'Trophy' remains strong,and hard fought over, as shown this year with Oakham winning by the narrow margin of 16 shots.  

Long may the OK Trophy continue to flourish.

Here are the results from the start: 

4 matches per season

2003  Oakham       +52 shots

2004  Keyworth     +50    "

2005  Keyworth      +22   "

2006  Oakham       +29    "  

2007  Oakham       +122  "

2008  Keyworth      +18    "

2009  Keyworth      +43    "

2010  Oakham        +16   "

2011  Keyworth       +26   "

2012  Keyworth       +13   "

2013  Oakham        +12   "

2014  Oakham        +47   "

2015  Oakham        +19   "

2016  Oakham        +39   "

2017  Oakham        +117  "

2 matches per season2

2018   Keyworth     +29  shots

2019   Oakham       +16    "

2020   Not played - Covid

2021         "                "

2022    Oakham      +16    shots


Chris Wallis

Friendly Fixtures Survey 

Thank you for the excellent response to Alan’s recent survey concerning Friendly fixtures.  Not quite 100% response, but very close.  The answers have all be collated now and were discussed at last week’s Executive Committee meeting.  We plan to have a Members’ meeting at the end of August when the bowling diary is less congested, to discuss our proposals.  But, in the meantime, these proposals are:

Thursday Mixed Interclub Friendly matches:  Keep as they are.  Advise opposition that we will be playing with mixed teams.

Saturday Mixed Interclub Friendly matches:  We will not cancel the remaining fixtures this year, and play as many as we can, if we can get a team.  Advise opposition that we will be playing with mixed teams.  For next season we propose to consider cutting down the fixtures and playing only those clubs we have a good relationship with.  Maybe only playing on a Saturday every 3 weeks or so.  However, there must be the opportunity for members to play on Saturdays if they wish.  Although only 9 members have committed to play on a Saturday on a regular basis.  This will then free up Saturdays for other things, e.g. playing of club comps.

Ladies’ Interclub Friendly matches:  We will not cancel the remaining fixtures and will see how it goes for next season.  Whether or not other clubs will in fact have enough ladies to play these matches remains to be seen.

Sunday Mixed Interclub Friendly matches:  There appears to be no problem getting a team for these fixtures.  They will stay as they are.

One other question you might like to consider before the August meeting.  Do you prefer to play in the daytime or in the evening?

Please do continue to put your names down for as many matches as you can.  Ladies, why not try the Thursday and Saturday games for a change?  I have thoroughly enjoyed my games this year.  They are friendly, competitive and fun.

Also, at the August meeting we will consider the dress code for next season.  Do we stick to Whites for our home matches or switch to Greys?

Oakham Bowls Club Update W.E. 1.10.22

The Thursday teams last match of the season was away against Leicester Banks.

Played on three rinks over 18 ends  it ended with a comfortable win for Oakham.

Rink one was skipped by Graham Cole with his wife Jackie as lead and Barrie Payne at two. A slow start saw the visitors still 1 shot behind after six ends. They then moved up a gear, took the lead and with 6 shots on the tenth end gave themselves a comfortable shot advantage which they maintained, winning the game with 18 shots to Leics. Banks  12

Adrian Wilkinson led on rink two, Tony (from Leics. Banks) at two and the Skip was Paul Murrant. Despite a promising start by the Home Team they were soon eclipsed by the augmented Oakham trio who, once they opened their account, scored heavily finishing with  an impressive 28 shots to 4 victory.

Bob Spence Skipped rink three, Lyn Scott was the lead with Gail Robertson at two. Both teams won nine ends each but Oakham’s higher scoring rate  gave them an early lead which they held onto .The game finished with Oakham on 17 shots,  Leicester. Banks on 11

The last scheduled home match on Saturday was due to be played against  Narborough – but, dissapointingly,  they cancelled. Match Secretary, Gail Robertson  organised a Club match with eight teams playing   triples on four rinks over eighteen ends. A random draw decided the order of play. To add a further dimension to the match Gail stipulated that every six ends the three  positions in each team would change so each bowler would play as lead, as two and as  Skip.

On rink one Team five, Barrie Payne, David Tomlinson and Carol Scothern  faced  Team four, Paul Murrant, Ann Newton and David Morgan. After losing the first two ends Team five won the next six ends and established an 8 shot lead. The next seven ends went to Team four who with three ends to play now held a 12 shot lead. The game concluded  with Team four on 24 shots to Team five’s 14.

Team eight, Denis Smith, Jackie Cole and Mike Shalders were playing Team Three, Chris Wallis, Sylvia Shalders and Richard Ward, on rink Two. This was a somewhat one sided game as Team Three, despite their valiant efforts,  were outplayed  by a very much inform Team 8.  The result was team Eight, 23 shots, Team Three,  8 shots.

Rink Three had Team Six, Janet Horwood, Simon Kolkowski and Adrian Wilkinson versus Team One, Clive Morris, Mary Smith and Paul Jenkinson. Team 6  were off to a positive start on the first end scoring 4 shots. Team one responded with 5 shots from the next three ends

The momentum swung back to Team six and after 12 ends they held 16 shots to their opponents 8. Team one fought back to level the match with two ends to play. Each team won one shot  and the game finished as a draw,  17 - 17.

At this juncture the other three rinks had finished  their  games and were watching the  final  few ends on Rink Three. From the comfort of the Clubhouse they witnessed a sudden downpour which drenched their colleagues as they completed the last game of the match.

Sean Biollo, John Moore and Graham Scothern represented Team Two and faced Graham Cole, Fiona Munro and Lynn Scott on Rink four this was a close game until the fourteenth end when 3 shots from Team Two put them 5 shots in front. Team Seven won the next three ends and with one end to play were just one shot behind. Team Two won it with  a single shot ending the game  on 16 shots to Team Seven’s 14.