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We provide facilities both for casual and more serious bowlers or inexpensive social membership for those who would simply like to sit on a sunny afternoon with friends watching the efforts of others. 

How many sports do you know that can be played and enjoyed on an equal footing by both men and women?  Where age is no barrier and people with different fitness levels and abilities can play together?

Bowls can be a sport for all ages, it’s never too soon or too late to start playing.  It is a great family sport where children, parents and grandparents can all bowl together.  Many, but by no means all outdoor bowlers, are retired or semi-retired, but it is certainly not just ‘an old people’s game’.  Countless people move to bowls from other sports and find it an excellent and enjoyable way to continue exercise and be active.  It is also a very sociable sport and many new friendships are made. Those who have been bowling for years are always keen to help and encourage new and younger people to our sport. 

For those who have never played bowls, it’s not quite as easy as it looks!   We offer various levels of membership including a one-month trial period free of charge if you are new to the sport.

Our Q and A section endeavours to answer some of the questions you may have. 

Disabled Bowlers

We have special equipment available to assist disabled or partially sighted bowlers in playing the sport of bowls, in both friendly and more competitive matches.

To discover more or arrange a taster session, just get in touch via our Contacts section or phone or email our New Members Officer Beryl Birch, on 01572 770232 or [email protected]

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